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A shopping paradise, CapitaLand Malls launch regular campaigns through different platforms to retain their shoppers and drive more sales with rewards.

In some cases, CapitaLand Malls provide their graphic resources for us to adapt to meaningful designs, and sometimes we set the art direction.

2016 - 2017

My role

Graphic Designer

I worked on various CapitaLand Malls projects for their advertising mediums within a year.

Art Direction
Graphic design
Social media
Web banner


Towards the end of 2016, Chope launched a chock full campaign to promote for their participating restaurants across the CapitaLand Malls. This campaign was broken down into 3 phases from August to December.

CapitaLand Malls - Chope

How I executed them

Set 1: Introduction

Set 1 is an introduction of this collaborated campaign between Chope and CapitaLand Malls to the public.

Having this in mind, I applied CapitaStar's brand colour, Purple and Chope's brand colour, Yellow as the accent colours. To portray the sumptuous variety of food available, I combined both illustration and realistic photo of various cuisines as the supporting imagery.

CapitaLand Malls - Chope: Set 1

Set 2: Hype up

Our client requested Set 2 to have a refreshed look but keeping Set 1's concept as close as possible, so their shoppers could relate both phases as the same promotion.

I retained the food imagery concept and reskinned the background to a wooden texture, symbolising that the meals are served.

CapitaLand Malls - Chope: Set 2

Set 3: Christmas promotion

After a few months, their shoppers were familiar with the campaign. This time round, our client wanted a brand new concept for Christmas promotion.

Christmas is all about family, eating, drinking and making merry. I designed a family celebrating Christmas before a christmas tree that was made up of a collage of food images. To make this relatable to Chope, I added a queue in the background to subtlely portray how Chope could help them to spend quality time dining, not queueing.

CapitaLand Malls - Chope: Set 3


In 2017's Chinese New Year season, CapitaLand Malls has a few campaigns. The key visual of the angpow was set and were distributed to the malls when we received the briefs.

Capitaland Malls - Grab

How I executed them

CapitaStar x Grab

One of the campaigns was a collaboration between CapitaStar and Grab. The members would receive $8 off for a trip to or from any CapitaLand Malls during this CNY season.

I brought the characters to live by creating an animated scenario of a Grab car, picking up the character after shopping at a CapitaLand Mall.

Capitaland Malls - Grab 1

CapitaLand Malls: Digital Angpow

This is another promotion that CapitaLand Mall launched for 2017's Chinese New Year. The members could receive 8000STAR$ digital angpow by accumulating 3 receipts.

I extracted each character out from the angpow and incorporated new elements to re-act how each group celebrate Chinese New Year in their own style, with some of the CapitaLand Malls in the background.

Capitaland Malls - Grab 2


After 6 is a campaign to encourage the working crowd a healthy after-work lifestyle by promoting different activities across their CapitaLand Malls. CapitaLand Malls provided the key visual. Each segment of the roulette represents an after-work activity (E.g. Painting, gaming, shopping etc)

Capitaland Malls - After 6

How I executed them

Facebook carousel ad

The goal of the facebook carousel ad is to promote after-work activities that are available in each CapitaLand Mall. I recreated the roulette by featuring each frame with a segment of activity. This design was alternately used with other activities in another set.

Website banner ad

In the series of website banner advertisement, CapitaLand Malls wants to promote healthy after-work lifestyle and its contest. Instead of using the roulette of activities, I applied the secondary elements of characters in working attires changing into sports attire to depict the happiness of getting relieved from their long working hours.

Capitaland Malls - Batch 1 Capitaland Malls - Batch 2


CapitaStar is the loyalty programme by CapitaLand malls. The objective of the poster was to remind their members about their upcoming STAR$'s expiry date.

CapitaStar - Spend your Stars

How I executed them

To portray how their STAR$ are running out of time, I converted the soon-to-be-expiring STAR$ into stars/'sand' flowing down in a hourglass. I also drew different shopping icons in the form of a constellation to express how the members could spend their STAR$.

CapitaStar - Spend your Stars: Poster

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