After 6
CapitaLand Malls:
After 6
2017 - Promoting after-work activities conducted by CapitaLand Malls
Graphic design, Social media ad, Web banner


CapitaLand Malls are promoting different activities to encourage the working crowd a healthy after-work lifestyle. There are two sets of ad promotions. Batch 1 was an introduction of the after-work activities available in the malls and Batch 2 was launched at a later stage to promote the incentives from participation such as contests.

The key visual of illustration was provided by the client to integrate them into promotion ads for both batches. For Batch 1, I made use of the segments of the roulette to create a connection in the facebook carousel ad. Each frame promotes an activity that is available in the CapitaLand Malls. As for Batch 2, I set up a scenario of the characters changing into sports attire and happily escaping after the long working hours.
After 6 After 6