CapitaLand Malls x Chope
CapitaLand Malls x Chope
2016 - Chope promoting restaurants in CapitaLand Malls
Art direction Graphic design Advertising Web banner

Chope is promoting participating restaurants in CapitaLand Malls from August to December in three different sets of design.

Set 1 and 2 (Introduction)

Set 1 is an introduction of Chope's collaboration with CapitaLand Malls. Hence the art direction was involving Purple (CapitaStar's brand colour) and Yellow (Chope's brand colour) as the highlight. The combination of illustration and real imagery of food were added to summarize the content.

The client wants a similar concept in Set 2 to let audiences know that the promotions are related but yet with a refreshed look. Hence, the wooden table to show that the food is served.

Set 3 (Christmas promo)

The client wanted a brand new concept for Christmas promotion. The design revolves around Xmas with a family enjoying in front of the christmas tree made up of a collage of food images. The queue in the background is subtlely hinting that Chope could help them to spend quality time dining, not queueing.

CapitaLand Malls x Chope
CapitaLand Malls x ChopeCapitaLand Malls x ChopeCapitaLand Malls x Chope
CapitaLand Malls x Chope