Cleo Magazine
CLEO Magazine
2014 - Bringing CLEO Magazine online
Art direction, Web design, UAT


CLEO Magazine is one of the most popular female magazines among young women with fun, witty and empowering content. It has always been print-based till @ccomplice brought it live to digital world in 2014 to broaden its audiences in more accessible platforms.

As a young woman-centric magazine, a colour that associated to females the most with strong and empowering accents - Hot pink is chosen as the key colour of the site. Vibrant colours are featured as the complementary colours to enhance the youthful vibe. Each colour represents different categories. For instance, tints of blue fall under Fashion and various pinks for Beauty. Strong and bold typography symbolizes confidence and strength to empower the females. The length of each post is dynamic with irregular height of images and title to create a dull layout.
Cleo Magazine