The Fullerton Hotels
The Fullerton Hotels
2016 - Web design
Art direction, Web design, Styling guideline


The Fullerton Hotel is a oldest heritage hotel in Singapore. For nearly a century, it has played a pivotal role in Singapore’s rich history. Their design has major significance to a historical period, geographical place and local culture tradition, with many of their buildings in the classical style.

The Fullerton Hotels emphasized on their artistic architecture. Hence, the site is designed to minimize the text content and to be photo-driven to showcase their heritage architectures. To retain the classical style yet catering for today's modern look, we selected the colours of antique brass and gold on the pure white background. We broke the website template into components. Other than the prototype, we explained each element in a styling guideline for developers with specific requirements such as dimensions and adaptive forms in Desktop, Tablet and Mobile.
The Fullerton Hotels