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FWD Insurance was the first insurer in Singapore with a full digital transformation in the insurance market where they offer direct-to-consumer policies online since April 2016.

Back in Jan 2018, our team were tasked to do a redesign for their Singapore site:
  • Modernise their image further
  • Streamline the buyer’s experience

Mock project in General Assembly


Jan 2018
(1.5 week)

My role

UX/UI Designer

In a group of 3, we divided our duties after primary research and conceptualisation. As the UX/UI designer, I was entrusted for the interface design.

Usability test
Art Direction
UX Design
UI Design
FWD Insurance
Fig. Current FWD Insurance's Singapore website (As of Jan 2018)

The Problem

Apart from the two requirements from the brief, we realised that many issues stem from its low credibility.

  • New to Singapore's insurer market
  • Branding is too playful for Insurance
  • Unnoticed perks
  • Lack of human touch

Understanding the company

We began as a team, understanding the company was the first part. We collaborated closely by continually sharing what we found. From knowing their background, objective, U.S.P., featured articles, advertisements, products and many more.

FWD Insurance - Digital transformation
Fig. FWD's U.S.P.: A full digital transformation in insurance industry, with no agent
FWD Insurance - Commercial
Fig. Unconventional commercials to attract attention from the public

Listening to their users

Next, we wanted to know more about their users. We went through the reviews as customers, articles from different online sources. We also surveyed 29 respondents and usability testing with 6 testers on their current site.

I was one of the two observers for the usability test with 6 users; it allowed me to understand the users better when I execute them in the interface.

FWD Insurance - Reviews
Fig. Reviews from their customers in TrustPilot (As of Jan 2018)
FWD Insurance - Survey
Fig. Survey results from 29 respondents (As of Jan 2018)
FWD Insurance - Usability testing
Fig. Usability testing on current FWD Insurance's Singapore website (As of Jan 2018)

Defining the problems

We created heuristic evaluation and analysed the results from our usability test to serve as a cumulative representation of all the common user needs, goals, tasks, pain points that we derived from our research.

Due to time constraint, we divided our duties once we had a rough idea on how to proceed with the design in this phase. Although I jumpstarted with finding the art direction and design, I was also actively participated in these processes in the room.

FWD Insurance - Heuristic evaluation
Fig. Heuristic evaluation on current FWD Insurance's Singapore website (As of Jan 2018)
FWD Insurance - Usability testing
Fig. Usability testing on current FWD Insurance's Singapore website (As of Jan 2018)

Finding the solution

Due to time constraint, we divided our duties once we had a rough idea on how to proceed with the design in this phase. Although I jumpstarted with finding the art direction and design, I actively participated in these processes in the room: Customer journey mapping, and feature prioritisation.

FWD Insurance - Customer journey mapping
Fig. Customer journey mapping - Phases from Research > Purchase > Insurance in effect > Claim

Our Solution

We did a complete overhaul from its branding to user experience in multiple ways to boost FWD Insurance's credibility.

  • Visually appealing for the right demographic
  • Bring awareness to their U.S.P.
  • Simplifying ambiguous content
  • Straight to the point to make users think less
  • Display their extensive establishments
  • Lead their featured articles, awards and reviews to the respective credible sources
  • Assure users with a human touch

Visually appealing for the right demographic

Current site's design

Currently, FWD Insurance plays with colours and rounded elements in their website design - portraying a fun, casual and playful vibe. FWD Insurance aims to be unconventional and to break the norm; however, as a new brand in the insurance market, it may appear less professional and questionable.

FWD Insurance - Current site (As of Jan 2018)
Fig. Inspiration for art direction

Identifying the right target users & design it accordingly

Based on our research, we identified the main target group is Millennials (18-34 years old). However, the likelihood for one to purchase insurance on their own is those with purchasing power, around mid-20s to early 30s. Their definition of enjoyment may not necessarily need to be a 'loud fun'; it could be a 'quiet pleasure'.

Keeping the streamlined age-group in mind, I was exploring different design approach that looks modern and more professional while balancing the fun, casual and playful elements. I thought to have chic lifestyle photography and utilise their branding colours could do the job.

FWD Insurance - Branding
Fig. Current design (As of Jan 2018) vs Proposed design

Bring awareness to their U.S.P.

Introduction to highlight their U.S.P. upfront

In our usability test on the current site, many thought that FWD Insurance only provides travel insurance and they were unaware of what's unique about them because of the masthead banner's image and its ambiguous copy: 'Simple, Reliable, Direct'. FWD Insurance We wanted an introduction to inform the user what is their U.S.P. as soon as they land on the home page. The statement should explain what their business does and how they could help the users.

We emphasised on FWD Insurance's U.S.P. - Able to purchase and claim insurance online. We also included a link to a video that could summarise what and how it works, in case the users do not know how to start.

More U.S.P. in the first fold

Assuming users who already have a clear goal would proceed to 'Buy' or 'Claim' a product in the masthead banner, those who are still unsure if they should choose FWD Insurance will read more on the home page.

FWD Insurance - U.S.P.
Fig. Highlighting FWD Insurance's U.S.P. upfront in the first fold of the Home page
To catch their attention, we listed down five significant reasons why FWD Insurance is different and beneficial to the users in the second section that is slightly visible above the fold to prompt these hesitating users to scroll down for more information.

Boosting FWD Insurance's credibility

Displaying their extensive establishments

Currently, each country has its own design. You could only access to each country by searching them individually, or to enter their international website. Thus, we planned to standardise websites across the world.

FWD Insurance - Country selector
Fig. Standardised design with a country selector to display their list of established markets
A country selector helps to gain their credibility by indicating that FWD Insurance is well-established in the insurer market.

Lead the featured articles, awards and reviews to their respective credible sources

Back in 2018, FWD Insurance was still facing credibility issues as they were relatively new in the Singapore market. According to our survey results, we found displaying awards and reviews on their site sound dubious to them. They were afraid that a company filters or fabricates to what is favourable to them in their site.

FWD Insurance - Featured articles
Fig. Clickable articles that would lead to their respective sources
This section demonstrates how established they are, featuring their awards, reviews and featured articles from credible sources. All of them are clickable and leads to their respective origins.

Redesign to make users think less

Straight to the point: Buy or Claim insurance

One of the essential features to add in the home page is a prominent and goal-oriented call-to-action to get the 2nd click. Whether they are prospective customers who are interested in the policies or existing customers who want to make their claims, both of the groups already knew what they wanted to do on the website.

FWD Insurance - Buy or Claim
Fig. Minimise effort and time for users with clear goals: Buy or Claim insurance
Hence, the two key action buttons ('Buy' & 'Claim') was intentionally placed upfront above the fold to allow quick access for those who have clear goals.

Simplifying ambiguous content

'Destination' is another ambiguous field in the current site. You can only choose one of these options as your destination(s):

FWD Insurance - Proposed Destination
Fig. Current and Proposed design: Destination for Travel Insurance

Some of the countries under ASEAN like Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia are also known as part of Asia. It could confuse and result in having an extra step to check if their destination(s) is/are in the correct category from this diagram.

There could also be a possibility of a user travelling to different categories (Eg. Myanmar and Italy), they would need to go through everything before they could conclude that they'd need to get 'Worldwide' excluding the USA.

We didn't want the users to go through unnecessary steps and distress to find the 'right answer'. Thus, we designed a free field (with predictive suggestions) where the users could simply type their destination by its country with ease and let the backend do the calculation with the given data. This also ensures accuracy and fast input.

Assure users with a human touch

Speak in conversational tone

Having no agent, and needing to purchase and claim insurance online have removed part of the human connection.

FWD Insurance - Get a Quote
Fig. A conversational tone makes readers feel like you're speaking to them personally
We retained their conversational structure to create the 'humanity'.

Introduce live chat feature

Having no middleman/agent is one of FWD Insurance's U.S.Ps. It helps their customers to save on their commission. However, most of our respondents in the usability test was concerned that there is nobody to consult and lack of confidence to choose the right plan for themselves.

FWD Insurance - Live chat
Fig. Live chat feature that is assessible to users as
We introduced a new feature, 'live-chat' to provide assistance whenever the customers need them. Alternatively, they can also contact FWD via a phone call or email.


Challenge I faced

In 1.5 week, we had to do more than just research and design; we needed to propose documents like project cost and the timeline for the mock pitch.

Our team dynamic helped us to complete the project more comfortably as our skill sets were diverse. Therefore we could split our duties according to our expertise. However, this was also the same reason why we are lacked to experience what was outside of our comfort zone.

Key takeaway

One of the many things I learnt from this project and able to apply to future projects was that word of mouth and reviews were the most influential factors, regardless of how the businesses sell themselves.

Once again, copywriting and imagery proved to me that it could profoundly impact their users. For instance, despite FWD Insurance wrote 'Simple, Reliable, Direct - Insurance the way it should be', our testers told us that they did not realise that FWD Insurance has no agent or sell their insurance online.

How I would do it differently

If our team members are open, I would like to suggest us to divide our scopes into all areas, even if this could be challenging for us. At least all of us could gain experience and learn different things in every aspect.

Due to time and resources contraint, we worked on the insurance that is more likely to be purchased online - Travel Insurance. I would also like to explore and work on the insurances that are harder to sell it online - Life insurance.

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