FWD Insurance
FWD Insurance
2018 - Insurance website
Revamping, Art Direction, Web design, UX research


This is our second group project in General Assembly, a mock pitching project for FWD Insurance:

We are seeking a thorough redesign of the FWD website, in order to further modernise our image and streamline the insurance buyer’s experience. We are aware that buying insurance requires a lot of decision-making for our clients, and so our website needs to streamline this process, and get our clients to the right plan and right decision for their needs.

We will need to present relevant information in a way that is clearly understood, and make sure that users know what they need to do once they decide to buy a policy. These are the requirements:

FWD Insurance
FWD Insurance
First impression of the existing website
The website has already kept their promise by offering the insurance by meeting their objective: Simple, Reliable and Direct. Our first thought is "How could we modernise the design, reorganise the content and streamline the website further?"

It is indeed challenging but we are in for the challenge! We started off to deep dive into FWD Insurance  —  researching its background and objective, their strategy, its approach to Singapore’s market and their reputation in the market.

Company Research: FWD Insurance
FWD started operations in Singapore since April 2016, offering full suite of direct-to-consumer insurance policies online, in another words — they do not have a middlemen in between (agent).

They believed that today’s insurance companies want to engage with customers, but customers just want things to be quick and simple hence they striving to make insurance simple, direct and reliable.

Living in an era of rapid technology evolution, the Singapore government are shaping the nation’s digital transformation, including driving Singaporeans’ online habits. Hence, FWD aims to change the way people feel about insurance by leveraging technology to deliver products that are relevant, easy to understand and well-priced.

Interestingly, they have some thoughtful policies that help to fill the little gaps in our daily life.

Partnering with EZ-Link Singapore  —  To enhance coverage for ez-link cards registered with ‘Activate!’, a free card-blocking service. ‘Activate!’. It enable ez-link card holders to protect their lost or stolen cards. In addition to this service, they also provide other services too.

Guardian Angel benefit —  Makes sure that the children are taken care of if the user and his/her legally recognised partner are badly injured or die in an overseas trip’s accident.

Car coverage  —  Insured the car coverage regardless who’s driving the car and even if they’re not named on the policy. They launched a few interesting and unconventional commercials:

They have a few more out-of-the-box commercials, you may find them here.

Reputation in Singapore’s market
Out of the 84 reviews powered by Trust Pilot (As of 28 Jan 2017), 8 reviews (Mostly complaining about the claiming phase) are below average. Almost the rest of the reviews are 4 to 5 stars  —  We could say that its reputation is considered good but still have room for improvement for claiming.

It increases the credibility when FWD reply their reviews. It represents that they listen to their customers and welcome any feedbacks regardless good or bad reviews.


With the above’s background research, we concluded our target market and proceed to research deeper on their targeted users and their current website with questionnaire, usability test on current site, content inventory and heuristic evaluation.

User Research
Target market
FWD insurance offers their policies digitally without an agent, therefore the targeted market should be tech-savvy enough to trust and purchase them online.

Other than travel insurance, the rest of the insurance policies requires at least a few years of commitments. The target market should majority focusing on the younger generation.

We concluded that the main target audience is Millennials/Generation Y.

FWD Insurance

FWD Insurance

FWD Insurance

We reached out to the millennials and these are some of the highlights:

Devices to research and purchase an insurance (Can be more than 1):

Buying insurance online:

What they like about purchasing insurance online:

What they dislike about purchasing insurance online:

Claiming insurance that they bought online:

Biggest influence in insurance decision making:

Preference to how the insurance details to be explained to them:

Current site
Usability testing on current FWD site
We found a group of users to test the current site and found out some insights:

Content inventory
We explored the whole site and did a content inventory and we found out that the site is currently quite straightforward but could be reduced further.
FWD Insurance

Heuristic evaluation
Below shows a snippet of the heuristic evaluation for the current site for desktop, tablet and mobile.

FWD Insurance

If we were to summarise FWD in one word, it will be ‘thoughtful’.
FWD Insurance wants to change the way Singapore feels about insurance — a non-too-user-friendly for decades.

They are trying to approach the Singapore’s market by:

According to our questionnaire and usability test on the current site:

Thus, the priority that FWD should focus on is to increase awareness, highlight their USPs, then gain trust from their visitors.
FWD Insurance
FWD Insurance
Above the fold
Hence, the content above the fold is crucial to FWD. People read in a horizontal movement, usually across the upper part of the content. This initial element forms the F’s top bar.

Country selector
The first thing a person see in the website from the top left corner is the FWD logo. We planned to standardise the websites across the world. Beside the logo, we indicate the country that they are in, the country selector can gain the credibility, showing that FWD is not new in the insurance market, only Singapore’s market and they are well-established in

The first impression of the content in the first fold could lead to misunderstanding of the site - which is what we've found out in the usability test on the current site. Many thought that FWD only provides for travel insurance and are not aware of FWD's unique selling points because of the image of two people diving off the cliff and the copy they've used: 'Simple, Reliable, Direct'.

Therefore we maintained the tone of voice and changed the brief introduction to talk on their unique selling proposition that should be a concise way of expressing what your business does and how you can help visitors. It should instantly show them why they need the information, products, or services you’re providing.

We emphasized that FWD is Singapore's first digital insurance agency and can be insured anytime and anywhere as long as they are online. We even added a link to a video that could summarize what and how FWD works.

There are only two goals when one visits an insurance website:
Since the users are always be in a clear mind on what they want to look for including the policy they are looking for, we placed the two key action buttons upfront in the first fold.

With the clear action buttons in the first fold, the navigation bar only requires the rest of the information when they need them, such as Search function, About FWD and Sign in button which is optional to sign in since you can purchase a policy as a guest.

As mentioned, the users know what to look for when they enter the site. It is not necessary to have colours to differentiate and represent each policy.

FWD Insurance

We were lucky to have a chat with one of FWD's stakeholder and understand that their bestselling product is travel. People usually purchase their car, motor and maid insurance when they purchase the vehicle or hire a maid. The agent companies would introduce them their partnered insurance companies. Policies that are harder to sell would be those products that requires long commitments and heavier investments such as Personal Accident, Term Life, Endowment and Group Insurance.
Hence, the sequence of the icons.

FWD Insurance FWD Insurance

Adding a human touch
In our user research, we realized that people are still doubting FWD because they have no agent. We added the live-chat feature sticking at the bottom right corner to show that there is always someone right here to assist them whenever they need them. Alternatively, they can contact FWD via a phone call or email.

FWD Insurance

Gaining credibility
To gain trust from the visitors, FWD has a widget to show their customers' reviews and the awards that they have won. However, the users are skeptical about them according to our user research. They are doubting the credibility because all these could be made up.

Hence, we changed both customers' reviews and awards to articles that they are featured in the reputable sources such as The Straits Times and Today.

FWD Insurance

FWD Insurance
FWD Insurance
Above the fold
Since the user knew which product to choose from before arriving to this page, the content above the fold should be presented once they land on this page.

FWD Insurance

We emphasized the assurance of the smooth and stress-free experience that FWD can provide in the subheader to make user feel at ease.

In the current site, you can only choose countries with the following option:

FWD Insurance

Some of the countries under ASEAN such as Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia are also known as regions of Asia too. This could cause confusion and an extra step just to see clarify in the list.

If we rule out the possibility of a user to purchase a travel insurance from different categories (Eg. Myanmar and USA), they would need to read through the list before concluding that they have to buy for worldwide.

The current site requires the user to click on the 'more details' option to view the list of countries, isn't it easier and accurate if the user do not need to worry anything but to key in all the countries that they are going? The backend system would conclude it with the right data.

Eliminating group type option
In the current site, there is a dropdown menu field to choose the group type for the trip.

FWD Insurance

These are the restriction:

If these are the scenarios, which option should we choose?

This field is confusing and does not affect the cost if they are chosen. The data collected would not be as accurate even if this option is for collection of data only. We also found out that people gave up and proceed to another insurer just because they cannot decide which option to choose and afraid of making the wrong choice. Hence, we removed this option and changed to more straightforward fields: Number of adults and child(ren).

Product details before entering a quote
Highlighting their U.S.P.
This section is mainly for users who are considering before purchasing without getting a quote to read more. We highlighted their U.S.P. to grab attention and reduce the amount of time spent reading the content to search what they need.

Highlighting online claim process
We found out that claiming an insurance is one of the concerns for the users. We made the process into diagram to show how simple it is to claim an insurance in just 4 steps.

Other FAQs would be listed into collapsed tabs, otherwise the live chat function is always there on the bottom right corner for fast enquiries.

FWD Insurance
FWD Insurance
Sticky Content
FWD Insurance

The current step of the overall process without hidden steps are sticking on top of the page to let the users know that it only requires 4 simple steps to purchase the product.

Travel details
Their travel details they filled in in the previous step is displayed above to let user do a double check and allows them to edit without redoing the form.

FWD Insurance

Total amount
The amount of the selected items are simultaneously calculated and remain sticky for easy referral in every selection.

FWD Insurance
FWD Insurance
Save the hassle
There is a scenario where a user purchasing an insurance for someone's behalf without travelling together. For instance, purchasing for elderly parents for a honeymoon. Hence, we kept the forms for both applicant and traveller. In another scenario: if the first traveller is the applicant, the user can save the hassle refilling the same details by checking the box 'Same as applicant'.

Summary before payment
Upon submission, the travel, travellers' details including the items added and total cost are all summarized before payment. The user could edit it at anytime.

FWD Insurance