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Snippets of other projects

Some project details may be sensitive or still in production, please contact me directly if there is a project or an industry you would like to discuss about.


In these 6 years, I played different roles in various projects, depending on the team dynamic and project size.

Even as the UX designer of the team, I actively supported my UI designers of the team to speed up the work process and lessen their workload.

Same goes to the projects as a UI designer; I would often discuss with my UX designers when I have ideas and suggestions.

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2013 - 2020

My role

UX / UI / Graphic Designer

As mentioned in my profile, I evolved from digital design (also prints) to specialising in UI design and went deeper into UX design.

User research UX audit Info architecture Ideation Wireframe UI Design Usability testing Functional specification Design system Graphic design Branding
Other projects

Other projects


Join early childhood sector

FWD Insurance

Purchase insurance online


More than a medical reminder

CapitaLand Malls

Advertising for campaigns