2011 - School project: Fictional business website
Art direction, Web design, Branding, Illustration


Playdough is a fictional project for my 2nd year in Temasek Polytechnic. The brief is to create a website for a fictional business, hence branding is involved. Smartphones and tablets were not as common back then, therefore the website was done in desktop version only.

Playdough takes on an imaginary tea-party concept that serves doughnuts filled with joy and fun for group gatherings. This is a place where friends gather and have fun with a space for DIY doughnuts. Utilizing the colour psychology of warm tones and different texture to inculcate happiness, adding on comfort and fun into the treehouse cafe. To enhance the whimsicality, animated illustration and care-free music will be played in the background.
Playdough Playdough